Peep Sights for Bowhunting
Red Hawk Peep Sights
The wide field peep aperture allows all pins to be visible reducing the chance of using the wrong pin.
Here’s how I set up a bow for best peep sight alignment.
First, I make sure that the draw length is correct. Remember, 90% of all bowhunters have a draw length of 29 inches or shorter.
I have the shooter lift his bow to his normal position. I then instruct him to come to full draw and hit his anchor point with his EYES CLOSED.
After the anchor point is reached he can then open his eyes.
At this point he should be looking exactly through the center of the bow peep sight with no movement of the head to attain proper alignment. If this is not the case we then make an up/down adjustment to the peep and go through the process until no further adjustments are needed.
Cold weather hunting can change the anchor due to gloves, face masks etc. You may need to change the peep sight position to compensate for additional clothing.
What is the proper peep sight picture?
Make sure that the pin guard is centered in the peep. Do not try to center an individual pin. There is too much up, down, left and right room for error with that method.
The biggest problem that has always plagued bowhunters is getting their broadhead tipped arrows to fly perfectly straight. Preferably, they should shoot exactly like the same weight field points. Let's see how to tune for broadheads.
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Not only do you get a huge, transparent, amber, high contrast, viewing area that is at least 3/8ths inch in diameter but you also get a smaller, more accurate, clear, aiming aperture that is 1/8th inch diameter.
The bowhunter, using a Low Light Peep Sight, can take advantage of the reduced ambient light when game is in their peak movement times to harvest the most wily game animal.
Our high quality peep sights work on the principle of having 2 bowhunting peep sights built into one.
Now, with the advent of round pin guards,  the correct peep sight picture is easy to attain.